What the 6 W’s reveal about Tory Brexiteers’ tax avoidance scam? Part 1 – Why Brexit happened!


The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union because the former prime minister, David Cameron initially decided to hold an In/Out EU referendum, and then didn’t inform the British voters about the European Commission’s new Anti Tax Avoidance Directive, which is the biggest advantages of remaining in the EU.

Why did David Cameron fail to secure enough remain votes?

To secure a massive remain vote, all that David Cameron had to do, was to inform the British voters that if they voted to remain in the EU, the UK government would have to implement the EU’s Anti Tax Avoidance Directive, which would end the ongoing austerity measures!

The new EU directive that aims to end the ongoing harsh austerity measures and save our NHS by terminating tax-dodging practices of our wealthy elite was the winning justification that David Cameron could have facilitated to secure enough British votes to remain in the EU.

But as the old saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, like his father, Ian Cameron who avoided paying his UK taxes for 30 years, David Cameron was very fond of British tax havens and opposed the idea of taxing wealthy tax-dodgers.

According to The Independent, David Cameron’s father, Ian Cameron was a millionaire with an estimated wealth of around £10,000,000 who was implicated for running an offshore account and avoided paying UK taxes for almost thirty years. 

According to The Guardian, following Ian Cameron’s death in 2010, David Cameron inherited his father’s house in North Kensington, estimated to be worth £2,000,000 at the time and £300,000 which his old man generated through exploiting the legal tax loopholes! 

Following the Panama Papers’ revelation that David Cameron’s father avoided paying taxes in the UK, David Cameron was accused by the opposition for being a hypocrite for doing enough to prevent tax avoidance, but, unlike Iceland’s Prime Minister who resigned because his family was implicated in the Panama Papers, David Cameron revealed his new talent.

According to the Hansard’s parliamentary debates official reports, rather than resigning or outlawing future tax avoidance, David Cameron made it clear that he will outlaw tax evasion, which was already illegal and pledged to discourage tax avoidance, rather than making it illegal.


The role of the Prime Minister is to take action and propose new laws to the Parliament and not to facilitate psychological sessions that would discourage from bad habits, such as tax avoidance! 

When Panama Papers revealed that the family of Iceland’s Prime Minister avoided paying their taxes, Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson resigned because of widespread protests, but David Cameron although he inherited millions of pounds that he decided to keep rather than donate it to a charity.

According to The Financial Times, the European Green Party’s spokesperson for economic affairs in the European Parliament, Sven Giegold emphasised that the son of a tax-dodgers, David Cameron continuously undermined EU’s attempts to end tax avoidance among its member states.

According to The Guardian, when Brussels produced a concrete action plan for a new EU directive that would end tax-avoiding practices amongst its member states, in 2013, David Cameron requested from the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, to exclude offshore trusts, from which he personally inherited enormous wealth.

Why would a remainer like David Cameron spend his time meeting the chief executives of the pro-Brexit press?

Another surprising aspect of David Cameron’s personal life includes his preferential treatment of the British pro-Brexit press, whereby ever since he announced his U-turn on the EU-referendum in 2013, Mr Cameron spent his time exclusively in the company of executive officials of the Sun, Mail, Express and Telegraph.

According to Press Gazette, throughout 2013, 2014 and 2015, David Cameron intensified his coordination with the pro-Brexit press, which is owned by wealthy tax-dodgers, such as Rupert Murdoch, Barclay Brothers, Richard Desmond and Lord Rothermere.

For someone who campaigned to remain in the EU, one might have expected that David Cameron would coordinate his campaign and meet with the pro-EU press, such as the Independent, Guardian, Financial Times, etc. Instead, Mr Cameron spent most of his time in the company of the executive officials of the pro-Brexit press, as follows:

News Coorp., which controls The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun

  • February 2015, Mr Cameron met with Robert Thomson, News Corporation chief executive, general discussion
  • July 2015 – Mr Cameron met with Robert Thomson, general discussion

Telegraph Media Group, which controls The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph

  • February 2013 –  Mr Cameron met with Murdoch MacLennan, Guy Black (with John Witherow and Lionel Barber), to discuss Leveson Report
  • April 2013 –  Mr Cameron met with Aidan Barclay, general discussion
  • September 2013 –  Mr Cameron met with Murdoch MacLennan (with Tony Gallagher and Ian MacGregor), general discussion
  • November 2013 –  Mr Cameron met with Sir David Barclay, Telegraph owner, dinner
  • May 2014 –  Mr Cameron met with Aidan Barclay, general discussion
  • October 2014 – Mr Cameron met with Aidan Barclay (with Fizzy Barclay), dinner
  • January 2015 –  Mr Cameron met with Aidan Barclay, general discussion

Express newspapers, which controls the Daily Star and Daily Express

  • October 2013 –  Mr Cameron met with Richard Desmond, general discussion
  • January 2015 –  Mr Cameron met with Richard Desmond, general discussion

Daily Mail

  • October 2014 –  Mr Cameron met with Lord Rothermere (with Paul Dacre), chairman and owner of Daily Mail and General Trust, dinner

Therefore, it is obvious that David Cameron wasn’t interested in getting the UK to implement the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive, which is why:

  • he called the EU referendum; and
  • declined to acquaint the British public with Brussels’ endeavour to end the increasing tax-avoiding practices, which are subjecting his people to harsh austerity measures and food banks.

David Cameron’ confirmed his dislike for EU’s endeavours to curb tax avoidance, whereby according to the British official records, in February 2013, weeks after Brussels produced a concrete action plan for a new EU directive that would end tax-avoiding practices amongst its member states, stating that he wants to push for the exemption of “smallest entrepreneurial companies from more EU Directives”.


This is Part 1 of the extensive research on Brexit, which focuses on the critical 5Ws, such as:

  1. Why Brexit happened?
  2. What happened before Brexit?
  3. When did Brexit take place?
  4. Who supported Brexit?
  5. Where did Brexit take place?

To read Part 2 that focuses on “What Happened That lead To Brexit”, please click the link provided below:



The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union because the former prime minister, David Cameron initially decided to hold an In/Out EU referendum, and then didn’t inform the British voters about the European Commission’s new Anti Tax Avoidance Directive, which is the biggest advantages of remaining in the EU.


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“Being a literature major and an occasional writer myself, I am only too aware of how writers are often very shy to the point of being secretive. It is therefore amazing how Nolan Jazimreg, in his second novel, lifts the "veil" (reminiscent of Shelley's) of the "parallel spiritual realm" whereby he was "transcended" by his condition and its ensuing "setbacks". His aim, in his first novel, is truly admirable--it is to "inspire younger generations to create a better, just and peaceful world, unlike the painful one that he journeyed through". Writing these novels were acts of courage, motivated by a selfless desire to spare the generations that are to come after him, from the wrenching pain of growing up from childhood to adulthood, in 3 political systems that are worlds apart, esp. the first and the third. May we laud him for not allowing the loss of his first love and the discrimination he underwent, to embitter and disillusion him. Most people are afraid of what lies behind the "veil", esp. if, by lifting it, the truth will be revealed in all its brilliance. It takes a writer, a courageous one at that, to dare, and to look at the truth. Instead, he has taken the positive step of writing and publishing these experiences, an example some of us would do well to follow. “
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