The Brexit compendium about the Tory tax avoidance scam



In his interview for the BBC that was broadcast only once at 7:30 AM, Shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Keir Starmer accused Theresa May of not having a mandate for using Brexit to turn the United Kingdom into a tax haven, which is why David Cameron called the EU referendum and why we should have a second referendum on Brexit that includes the option to remain.



Although Theresa May’s Chequers Deal ensured that she delivered a Brexit that they campaigned for, due to the fact her plan keeps the UK tied to many EU laws, Tory Brexiteers accused her of failing to deliver a Brexit that complies with “the will of the people”.

Therefore, rather than saving the NHS or the border control, it turns out that the biggest reason behind the Tory Brexit campaign happens to be the EU laws, and can’t help but wonder why are they so reluctant to implement directives and regulations that are endorsed in Brussels? 

What is the truth behind Tory Brexiteers’ reluctance to accept EU laws?

As Rudyard Kipling wrote in 1902, whoever seeks the truth they must revisit the “six honest serving-men”, called What, Why, When, Who, Where and How!

Every single human incited event occurs because of something (Why) that has happened (What) at a particular time (When) that could affect certain entities (Who) that are located within a specific region (Where) that use a certain method (How) to accomplish their goal.

The following text provides a summarised overview of Brexit’s Why, What, When, Who, Where and How, and for detailed insights into the specific “six honest serving-men” that are backed by credible sources please click on the links provided at the bottom of each section listed below:

1.Why is the UK leaving the EU?

The UK is leaving the EU because David Cameron decided:

  • To hold the In/Out EU referendum; 
  • Not to inform the British voters about the biggest advantage of remaining in the EU, European Commission’s new Anti Tax Avoidance Directive, which would have secured enough Remain votes.

If Cameron informed the British voters that a Remain vote would force the United Kingdom to implement the new EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive, which would have saved the NHS and end the ongoing harsh austerity measures, he could have secured enough votes to remain in the EU!

However, David Cameron, son of a tax-dodging millionaire who avoided paying UK tax for at least 30 years, wanted the UK to remain in the European Union, but without having to implement EU’s new Anti Tax Avoidance Directive.

2.What happened that led to Brexit?

Following the EU’s decision to bail out Greece from bankruptcy that plummeted the value of the EURO and threatened the economic stability of the Eurozone, it was revealed that massive tax avoidance was the culprit behind the Hellenic fiscal crisis.

The inability of Greek authorities to curb tax avoidance prompted the Brussels to take action and end tax-avoiding practices by companies and individuals that generate income within the EU countries.

Speaking at the G20 summit press conference in 2011, the French President, Nicola Sarkozy declared that tax havens will no longer be tolerated and countries that continue to protect them, such as the UK, will be outcast from the developed economies.

3.When did Brexit take place?

In 2012, David Cameron declared he is prepared to consider the EU referendum, however “only when the time is right”, his momentous announcements on the EU referendum coincide with the key milestones of development of the new EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive, whereby.

In 2012, the European Commission produced their action plan to clamp down on tax avoidance, and within a month, David Cameron announced that he changed his mind, stating that he favours an EU referendum.

In 2016, the European Commission produced the first draft of the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive and within a month, David Cameron announced the date for the EU referendum.

4.Who supported Brexit?

Tax-dodgers are greedy individuals who couldn’t care less if the British people are being subjected to harsh austerity measures, living on discriminatory food banks or losing their NHS, yet ahead of the EU referendum, they became extremely patriotic and generous by donating vast amounts of money to the Leave camp.

According to The Business Insider UK, the long list of prominent individuals who donated generous amounts to the Leave campaign, and have been implicated in tax-avoiding practices, include:

  • Lord Farmer who donated £300,000;
  • Peter Cruddas who donated £350,000;
  • Lord Bamford who donated £673,000;
  • Crispin Odey who donated £873,288;
  • Lord Edmiston who donated £1,000,000;
  • Peter Hargreaves who donated £3,200,000;
  • Arron Banks who donated £8,106, 375.

5.Where did Brexit take place?

Brexit took place in the UK, a country that is proud of being the world’s fifth largest economy, but at the same time it subjects its nation to austerity measures and food banks, because similar to Greece, the UK authorities are unable to collect due taxes, which account for  £16,000,000,000 of lost inland revenues.

Of course, tax-avoiding practices are legal in the UK, but if we were to remain in the EU or in the single market and the customs union, the UK would have to implement new EU laws, such as the EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive, which would force the companies to pay the exit charge whenever they removed their capital gains from the EU member state to another low tax jurisdiction, such as a British tax haven.

New EU laws would force a UK registered company, such as Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper to pay an exit charge, every time its capital gains are relocated to another tax jurisdiction outside the EU, such as Cayman Islands, Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands, because the British overseas territories are part of the UK, but not part of the EU!

6.How did Brexit happen?

It seems that the British elite is fond of George Orwell’s “1984”, so they turned it into reality, whereby the invisible decision makers, “The Party” turned our democracies into “Oceania” and MSM into “The Thought Police”, whose role is to inflict fear upon the British people.

Every time tax-free assets of the wealthy elite are threatened by the EU or British politicians, “The  Thought Police” also known as the right-wing media, infects the British people with the fear virus about an imaginary threat from that comes from subjects or individuals that are keen to deliver equality and social cohesion in the UK.

Right-wing press, such as The Sun, Daily Mail, Express and Telegraph have always endorsed Tory candidates, but after John Major introduced the Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992 and tried to tax the properties of the noble landowners, they ditched the Conservatives, and endorsed the Labour candidate, who won the 1997 general elections and freed the wealthy elite from his predecessor’s initiative to tax them.

About the author

Nolan Jazimreg

Nolan Jazimreg is the author of “The Inconvenient Truth”, a highly contentious dystopian novel, which portrays the life of Isa Iri, an orphan tasked with the daunting mission of uniting the humankind through unconventional insights on happiness, freedom, democracy, religion, and ways in which heaven or hell manifest throughout our lives.

Having undergone a unique and rare life experience, Nolan Jazimreg developed a bipolar condition and setbacks that transcended him into the parallel spiritual realm, which due the “veil” bestowed upon them, most adults can’t experience.

Jazimreg was born to an award-winning TV journalist mother, whereas his father worked as Professor of Psychology at the local University.

Jazimreg spent his childhood in a communist system, then his teenage years in socialist one and his adult life in the capitalism.

Before turning 18, Jazimreg met a wonderful person who fulfilled him, but because of religious differences, he was deprived of his first love.

Jazimreg belonged to an ethnic minority and just like others who spoke the same language as did, were discriminated by his state or other individuals that were an ethnic majority.

Gradually, the ethnic tension erupted into a civil war that forced Jazimreg to flee his home and became a refugee in London.

Hoping that it might aspire younger generations to create a better, just and a peaceful world, unlike the painful one that he journeyed through, Jazimreg began inscribing his first novel that reveals unique experiences and a vision about a different civilization that could be accomplished in the future.

Coinciding with his novels, this blog reveals profound insights into how hatred infiltrates us and oppresses our adeptness to live a contented life that will instigate a comprehensive appraisal of preconceived assumptions about happiness, freedom, democracy, religion, but also heaven and hell, the neglected realms that we experience during our lifetimes, but are unaware of it.

“Being a literature major and an occasional writer myself, I am only too aware of how writers are often very shy to the point of being secretive. It is therefore amazing how Nolan Jazimreg, in his second novel, lifts the "veil" (reminiscent of Shelley's) of the "parallel spiritual realm" whereby he was "transcended" by his condition and its ensuing "setbacks". His aim, in his first novel, is truly admirable--it is to "inspire younger generations to create a better, just and peaceful world, unlike the painful one that he journeyed through". Writing these novels were acts of courage, motivated by a selfless desire to spare the generations that are to come after him, from the wrenching pain of growing up from childhood to adulthood, in 3 political systems that are worlds apart, esp. the first and the third. May we laud him for not allowing the loss of his first love and the discrimination he underwent, to embitter and disillusion him. Most people are afraid of what lies behind the "veil", esp. if, by lifting it, the truth will be revealed in all its brilliance. It takes a writer, a courageous one at that, to dare, and to look at the truth. Instead, he has taken the positive step of writing and publishing these experiences, an example some of us would do well to follow. “
Ethel David

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