The Inconvenient Truth – Chapter 15


The screen began flashing scenes around the world, featuring clips of interviews with ordinary citizens on the subject of the Convention on The Secret of the Divine Civilisation.

A young woman in Tokyo claimed. “It’s an excellent idea, but I think it sounds too good to be true.”

A grey-bearded man replied, standing in front of the Eiffel Tower. “For me, being French, this convention of unifying the world will not change my life much. Europeans are already united!”

In Cairo, an old woman with a scarf over her head answered. “I will not benefit anything from this convention. I am 68 years and will not live long enough to see it through.”

A young female student in Madrid says, “It’s a splendid initiative, and I hope that it gets adopted. What do we stand to lose? Unfairness, corruption, injustice and poverty are on the rise, are they not?”

A fruit seller in a Dubai market exclaimed. “There are different human races throughout the world. I look different from you. Allah, the Merciful One wanted us to be different and live differently. If the Merciful One would have wanted us to live in the same way, all united, he would have made each of us identical.”

A taxi driver in New York reacted, “Come on, man. The world is a cruel place because humans made it so. And you expect another human to fix it? Forget it, man!”

An electronics shopkeeper in Lagos replied. “What is there to think about? It will never happen because our corrupted world leaders will never vote its adoption. Don’t you read newspapers? Officially they all state that we are committed to doing everything it takes to establish peace, and yet they claim that the proposed strategy is nothing more than a utopia.”

From Rio’s sandy beach, a slender and suntanned female in orange bikini reflected, “It would be wonderful if it accomplishes its objective. However, I doubt that it will because that’s just the way the world works.”

An elderly man, sitting on a park bench in a Beijing commented, “First we had communism, and now my country is gradually merging into capitalism, screwing over my generation who is lost in this process. Now, you are saying that in the future we might suffer another transition. I am delighted that I won’t live long enough to experience another one of these atrocious transitions…”

Suddenly, a ringing tone activated, flashing out Jade’s name. I pressed the green button on the remote control, and the TV wall displayed Jade with swarms of people dancing in the distant background.

“Hello, Milo. It is manic down here,” Jade greeted. “Can you hear me?”


“Are you watching the documentary?” she asked.

“Yes, I am,” I replied and headed for the kitchen to refill my glass with some more Sancerre.

“And?” she pursued with her random excruciating inquiries about her work.

“Thus far, it isn’t bad.”

“Are the scenes well edited?” Jade asked again.

“Yes, they are, but the sound editing could be better. It keeps jumping up and down.” I replied, filling my wine glass with Sancerre.

“I’ll be finished soon and home in less than an hour,” she confirmed.

“Great. Oh, and I’m sizzling chicken fajitas for dinner tonight!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Got to go now. Bye!” Jade said and hung up before I could get another word in.

I placed the bottle of Sancerre back on the lowest shelf of the fridge, closed it and returned to the living room. I sat on the sofa and continued watching the documentary. It featured around ninety thousand people who thronged the Place de Fontenoy opposite the UNESCO headquarters in Paris to rally their support for the Convention of The Secret of Divine Civilisation, whilst the delegates of the 47th UNESCO General Conference of the year 2029 are decide how to precede with it. They held up big banners with various inscriptions, such as, “Let’s give truth a chance”, “We are one”, “Les Nations Unies – UNIR!” and “Say yes to change!”

It seemed, however, that not everyone was looking forward to this convention. The documentary displayed around two thousand people on the western side of the UNESCO building shouting, “No to world domination!” “No to human slavery!” and “Stop Lucifer!”

Philip’s voice returned, explaining that a record number of nongovernmental and intergovernmental organisations had attended this General Conference. However, the committee, which was assigned to deal with the convention, was not able to determine whether to treat it as an international treaty or a convention, so they have instructed the Director-General to prepare a preliminary report to determine it.

About the author

Nolan Jazimreg

Nolan Jazimreg is the author of “The Inconvenient Truth”, a highly contentious dystopian novel, which portrays the life of Isa Iri, an orphan tasked with the daunting mission of uniting the humankind through unconventional insights on happiness, freedom, democracy, religion, and ways in which heaven or hell manifest throughout our lives.

Having undergone a unique and rare life experience, Nolan Jazimreg developed a bipolar condition and setbacks that transcended him into the parallel spiritual realm, which due the “veil” bestowed upon them, most adults can’t experience.

Jazimreg was born to an award-winning TV journalist mother, whereas his father worked as Professor of Psychology at the local University.

Jazimreg spent his childhood in a communist system, then his teenage years in socialist one and his adult life in the capitalism.

Before turning 18, Jazimreg met a wonderful person who fulfilled him, but because of religious differences, he was deprived of his first love.

Jazimreg belonged to an ethnic minority and just like others who spoke the same language as did, were discriminated by his state or other individuals that were an ethnic majority.

Gradually, the ethnic tension erupted into a civil war that forced Jazimreg to flee his home and became a refugee in London.

Hoping that it might aspire younger generations to create a better, just and a peaceful world, unlike the painful one that he journeyed through, Jazimreg began inscribing his first novel that reveals unique experiences and a vision about a different civilization that could be accomplished in the future.

Coinciding with his novels, this blog reveals profound insights into how hatred infiltrates us and oppresses our adeptness to live a contented life that will instigate a comprehensive appraisal of preconceived assumptions about happiness, freedom, democracy, religion, but also heaven and hell, the neglected realms that we experience during our lifetimes, but are unaware of it.

“Being a literature major and an occasional writer myself, I am only too aware of how writers are often very shy to the point of being secretive. It is therefore amazing how Nolan Jazimreg, in his second novel, lifts the "veil" (reminiscent of Shelley's) of the "parallel spiritual realm" whereby he was "transcended" by his condition and its ensuing "setbacks". His aim, in his first novel, is truly admirable--it is to "inspire younger generations to create a better, just and peaceful world, unlike the painful one that he journeyed through". Writing these novels were acts of courage, motivated by a selfless desire to spare the generations that are to come after him, from the wrenching pain of growing up from childhood to adulthood, in 3 political systems that are worlds apart, esp. the first and the third. May we laud him for not allowing the loss of his first love and the discrimination he underwent, to embitter and disillusion him. Most people are afraid of what lies behind the "veil", esp. if, by lifting it, the truth will be revealed in all its brilliance. It takes a writer, a courageous one at that, to dare, and to look at the truth. Instead, he has taken the positive step of writing and publishing these experiences, an example some of us would do well to follow. “
Ethel David

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By Nolan Jazimreg

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