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Nolan Jazimreg is the author of “The Inconvenient Truth”, a highly contentious dystopian novel, which portrays the life of Isa Iri, an orphan tasked with the daunting mission of uniting the humankind through unconventional insights on happiness, freedom, democracy, religion, and ways in which heaven or hell manifest throughout our lives. Having undergone a unique and rare life experience, Nolan Jazimreg developed a bipolar condition and setbacks that transcended him into the parallel spiritual realm, which due the “veil” bestowed upon them, most adults can’t experience. Jazimreg was born to an award-winning TV journalist mother, whereas his father worked as Professor of Psychology at the local University. Jazimreg spent his childhood in a communist system, then his teenage years in socialist one and his adult life in the capitalism. Before turning 18, Jazimreg met a wonderful person who fulfilled him, but because of religious differences, he was deprived of his first love. Jazimreg belonged to an ethnic minority and just like others who spoke the same language as did, were discriminated by his state or other individuals that were an ethnic majority. Gradually, the ethnic tension erupted into a civil war that forced Jazimreg to flee his home and became a refugee in London. Hoping that it might aspire younger generations to create a better, just and a peaceful world, unlike the painful one that he journeyed through, Jazimreg began inscribing his first novel that reveals unique experiences and a vision about a different civilization that could be accomplished in the future. Coinciding with his novels, this blog reveals profound insights into how hatred infiltrates us and oppresses our adeptness to live a contented life that will instigate a comprehensive appraisal of preconceived assumptions about happiness, freedom, democracy, religion, but also heaven and hell, the neglected realms that we experience during our lifetimes, but are unaware of it. ___________________________ “Being a literature major and an occasional writer myself, I am only too aware of how writers are often very shy to the point of being secretive. It is therefore amazing how Nolan Jazimreg, in his second novel, lifts the "veil" (reminiscent of Shelley's) of the "parallel spiritual realm" whereby he was "transcended" by his condition and its ensuing "setbacks". His aim, in his first novel, is truly admirable--it is to "inspire younger generations to create a better, just and peaceful world, unlike the painful one that he journeyed through". Writing these novels were acts of courage, motivated by a selfless desire to spare the generations that are to come after him, from the wrenching pain of growing up from childhood to adulthood, in 3 political systems that are worlds apart, esp. the first and the third. May we laud him for not allowing the loss of his first love and the discrimination he underwent, to embitter and disillusion him. Most people are afraid of what lies behind the "veil", esp. if, by lifting it, the truth will be revealed in all its brilliance. It takes a writer, a courageous one at that, to dare, and to look at the truth. Instead, he has taken the positive step of writing and publishing these experiences, an example some of us would do well to follow. “ Ethel David

The EU tried to end austerity measures in the UK, but Brexiteers don’t want that!


“We are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”Edward Bernays As Rudyard Kipling pointed out in 1902, whoever seeks the truth they must examine “six honest serving-men”, called What, Why, When, Who, Where and How! Every single human...

The Inconvenient Truth – Chapter 28


A sparkling glass chandelier hanging from a plaster ceiling rose coated in gold above illuminated the dining table. White wallpaper with densely scattered yellow flowers enclosed the space, and some of them were covered by colourful embroidery with thick gold plated frames. The sound of the seven o’clock news travelled vociferously through the dining room and upon the reading the headlines, the...

Is Brexit is a Tory tax avoidance scam?


In his interview for the BBC, Shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Keir Starmer accused Theresa May of not having a mandate to use Brexit for turning the United Kingdom into a tax haven. What is the truth behind Tory Brexiteers’ reluctance to accept EU laws? As Rudyard Kipling wrote in 1902, whoever seeks the truth they must revisit the “six honest serving-men”, called What, Why, When, Who, Where...

The Inconvenient Truth – Chapter 25


Alexander was raised in the communist People’s Federal Republic of Vallsia. This Federation was constituted by the Republic of Asnobia, Bresia, Taorkia, Rilia and Wejia and listed around eighteen million inhabitants. Alexander lived in a two storey brick house located in the south-eastern neighbourhood of the Poksy town, the largest settlement in the Corsica Island, which in fact was the...

The Brexit compendium about the Tory tax avoidance scam


As one of the greatest British poets, Rudyard Kipling wrote in 1902, whoever seeks the truth they must revisit the “six honest serving-men”, called What, Why, When, Who, Where and How! Every single human incited event occurs because of something (Why) that has happened (What) at a particular time (When) that could affect certain entities (Who) that are located within a specific region (Where)...

The Inconvenient Truth – Chapter 22


Before the beginning of second part of documentary, I called Jade. It rang seven times, and it terminated the call by itself. I walked towards the orange plastic bowl placed on the kitchen worktop to check if the chicken has defrosted. Not quite there yet. So I turned around and walked towards the fridge to top-up my empty wine glass with the chilled Sancerre, hearing a ringtone from the living...

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The Inconvenient Truth – Chapter 17


Excerpts from CNN’s live weekly edition of Gloveless appeared on the screen, displaying a broadcasting space with an oval glass anchor desk above a cylindrical wooden base, with a large seamless video wall in the background, displaying the United Nations headquarters in New York. A skinny journalist wearing an immaculate lustrous yellow shirt sat at between two gentlemen at the far end of the...

The Inconvenient Truth – Chapter 15


The screen began flashing scenes around the world, featuring clips of interviews with ordinary citizens on the subject of the Convention on The Secret of the Divine Civilisation. A young woman in Tokyo claimed. “It’s an excellent idea, but I think it sounds too good to be true.” A grey-bearded man replied, standing in front of the Eiffel Tower. “For me, being French, this convention of...

The Inconvenient Truth – Chapter 1


Curiosity kills sleep, not cats! Nothing ruins a lovely romantic dinner like an absolutely pointless question about the past. Since midnight I dived straight into our water-cooled bed mattress and anchored myself to Jade’s bare body, relentlessly pursuing the dormant realm, and failed! Even the soothing sounds by the orchestra of the adjacent chestnut leaves being conducted by the ghastly winds...

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